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Tori's pig had been held times.

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Tori's Piglet

Hello Friends, and people who think I'm weird,
I am a pig. Yes, I know what Tori and I did might seem out of the ordinary. But I assure you, I do this all the time. Who wouldn't? Tori is my favorite. Cindy is a good photographer, and I like when she takes pictures of me. One might say that I'm a camera hog. :) I've grown a little bigger now, and I still have no regrets, so if you have a problem with the picture, go away. Stop reading this, and go about your life. And eat hamburgers. Eat chicken. Gorge yourself on turkey and fish. Yeah, eat seafood. Tori does. :)

My Special Advice

Everybody should have a freshness date. If you don't have one, you should get one. Mine is Sept 24 2052.

Don't put all your pigs in one basket. They won't fit. And the basket might break when you try to pick it up.

More sage advice on it's way!

The inevitable piglet question, the "what the hell were you thinking" of Tori's career, the "Oh my God" or "Sweet Jesus!" when you show Boys For Pele to anyone, the "pig picture" in the Boys For Pele songbooklet. Anyone who has seen the picture wonders why it was taken, but a few weirdos have taken it just a little too far. Here, some reasons for Those Who Cannot Cope With The Fact That People Might Like Pigs. :)

"The picture represents that which is hidden, that which we're ashamed of, the non-kosher. To bring it back home, to nurse it, to nurture it. There's so much that's hidden about our feelings that makes us crazy, that makes us do things to ourselves and other people which causes all this pain. So this is about freeing that and acknowledging it."

In May 1996 (Virgin megastore appearence) - she talks about Christian upbringing, "You hid what you were really thinking, it was shameful, it was wrong ."

In January 1996 (CFNY radio interview) - "being a minister's daughter..there's so many things that weren't much about sensuality and passion and woman's bodies..and woman's stuff.. and you know.. I remember a woman breast feeding a father was like putting his hands over my eyes..."

In February 1996 (JJJ FM radio in Australia) - From Toriphile Nathan: Tori stated (I have not directly quoted here, but I am able to transcribe from the tape) that the piglet was only 3 days old on the day of the shoot. He was cold and hungry and "just kind of ended up there..." The interviewer commented that piglet-suckling was commonly performed in Papua New Guinea. Tori was curious and asked if they did that to keep the women "clean"/so they would be able to keep breast-feeding. The interviewer said that she didn't think this was so, and said she thought that they actually did it because pigs are regarded so highly there, to which Tori replied, "Well, there you go."

In April 1996 (Keyboard Review Article) - "I'm not a victim to marketing. Don't kid yourself: there's no picture that goes out that I can't live with.... I work with Cindy Palmano, who's an amazing photographer; I want to portray certain things visually, and I do."

In May 1996 (Virgin Megastore) - "That's my Christmas shot, my Madonna and child. My father's been wanting me to do Christmas cards for years."