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Faeries are magical little beings. Please help save them by believing.

Here are some sketches I've done.

Did you ever notice sparks flying from a burning fire? They are not really sparks, they are fire faeries. Whenever my sister and I have a campfire, or any fire for that matter, we always look for little sparks. We tell eachother that the sparks are really fire faeries, and when a log falls, they get mad and fly about. We also have a rule that when you are roasting marshmellows, you have to sacrifice one before you put them on the stick. People that we camp with always think we are silly.

Have you ever been lost in your grandfather's back woods and don't know which way you should turn to get back? Sometimes you have a strange feeling that you should go this way, and suddenly you are standing in front of your grandpa's cabin. Ever wonder how you knew which way to go?

Recipe: Toast bread like normal, butter it, and put candy sprinkles all over it. Now you have your very own faerie bread for breakfast! Yummy. :P

Here's a picture of my sister, Emily, dressed as a faerie.

Here are pictures my sister drew.

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