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"Butterfly" by Tori Amos

Butterfly Links

Kathy's Butterflies and Moths:


One summer, I went on two trips to different butterfly greenhouses. One was in Cleveland, Ohio, which is my sad story, and the other, in Marine World Africa, in California, which is my happier story.

While I was at the Cleveland Zoo, my family and I went into their butterfly hatchery/greenhouse. I was looking at the hatchery when I saw one of the keepers with a butterfly who had recently emerged. It's wings were all crippled and she told me it had come out like that. She said that she'd tried to fix them, but the wings were too fragile, and it would hurt the butterfly. So it just had to die like that, never knowing what it felt like to fly. It was sad. :(

At the Marine World Africa, the day dragged until we saw the butterflies. They had so much room to fly about in, and the place was absolutely gorgeous. A waterfall, plants galore, I wanted to live there, too. It was very humid, though, because they were tropical. My sister was holding her camera in her hand, and a butterfly landed on her hand. She didn't want to move it, so I was quick, got my camera, and snapped a picture of it. Even though these were taken with a disposible, they turned out pretty good.

This is a picture I took of myself and a butterfly friend.

This is another picture I took of that butterfly.